GTFO – How to assassinate – Guide

GTFO has a special gamepedia with descriptions of various monsters and firearms.

How to assassinate?

1. All sleepers can be killed with full charge of melee weapons when they are not in a violent state. (Furious state refers to the next state where the prisoner is found when the monster enters the alert state.) So, can sleepers be killed without full charge? The answer is yes, even half-charged heads can die. But some people will ask, why did they die when they slapped their heads in a deep state of sleep, but they still survived when they went into headshots? Because rage will give them higher health. (Otherwise called Rage)

2. Assassinate all monsters of Big size. The first method, the simplest and most direct, is generally used as a way to deal with scouts. (Scout, which is a thing that can be drawn.) Use the last weapon in the off-hand weapon, the sniper rifle, to kill the headshot. (This gun has the highest damage and the lowest ammunition load.)

Note that the scout must have a headshot. If a shot cannot kill the scout. He will call the police directly and enter the blue light state. The scout in this state is invincible, and the bullet will pass through his body. The Blu-ray Scout will call all the surrounding monsters to attack the prisoner, and! and! and! He will create monsters even if the rooms around you are empty. So there is no possibility of killing. Do n’t wake up the Scout. If you choose to burn in this room, please kill him first and do n’t let him send an alarm. Because the alarms of other monsters will only affect the companions within this room, and the scouts will cross the area. 

That big sniper can kill the Scout in one hit, can these BIG strikers and BIG shooter kill? Sure, but for BIG striker, his weakness is the stomach. So please send him pregnant? ??? As for the shooter, I did n’t try the weaknesses in gamepedia, so I think it may be the head???? However, this type of method is not an assassination because it is based on the use of firearms. (There is no silencer !!!) And if you don’t clear other mobs first and then strike them, your gunshot will still trigger the surrounding mobs’ alarm.

Method two, the most recommended, the most need cooperation. Gamepedia clearly states that all monsters of BIG size can be killed by four people’s synchronized full melee attacks. The original sentence is It is possible to take on big Sleeper out with four fully charged melee hits. But be careful, if these four times are not done at once. The monster will immediately wake up into a rage, and then you can feel the big hug and love of the big striker.

Choice of firearms

If you are proficient in your position and melee weapons, it is recommended to equip pistols and combat sprays to cover teammates and protect them from being hit by melee mobs. 

If you are really salty fish, please equip the assault rifle and machine gun to quickly solve the surrounding creatures, or kill the remote range first, and let the good brother mentioned above protect you. (Shouldn’t it be a good brother to take a high damage gun to kill the remote or deal with the surroundings? No, no, no, a good brother who is in place will not easily lose blood, even if they lose blood, they can ensure themselves It wo n’t fall. But the younger brother who is not in a good position is different. It ’s okay to fall to the ground in minutes. So even if the good brother who is in place survives, they can still use the combat spray and monster to fight back and forth, The machine gun can hardly resist. (This stuff needs to be charged for shooting, and it is slow to cut out, so you should be a good machine gun.)

The selection of Tools

Biodetectors are important.

It can see through the wall and observe the creatures behind the wall. And can mark the movement of the Scout and the location of all mobile creatures in the house during the battle. (When the black light is blind, you can see the red triangle rushing towards you. It is very warm when you think about it!) Bubble gun and mine gun.

Two artifacts are generally used together. Especially the bubble gun is used to strengthen the door and cooperate with a mine. It’s really fragrant, but I think many people like to put mine on the ground right in the middle of the door line. I have doubts about this method, why not place it under the borders of the left and right doors? Then the entire induction line can sweep across the threshold, and the monster will definitely not leak through. The cooperation of these two artifacts is generally when the alarm door is to be triggered and when it is to be scanned. (Provides more scanning time, and a sense of psychological safety)

Because you will find that after the door is strengthened, the monster has just broken the door, and you are almost done the scanning. Then ask them to eat a mine, and just after scanning, the monster will not refresh again, and the remaining ones will be cleaned to the next area. Really sweet! Two machine-gun towers, look at your choice.

Shotgun turrets are very good against melee monsters. Machine gun turrets can help you clean up remote monsters. (But you can accidentally hurt, don’t stand in their red strike line to kill the enemy, be careful of the burning of the butt!)

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