GTA 5 – How to Locate All Solomon Movie Props (Online)

A guide on how to locate all solomon movie props (GTA5 Online).

How to Locate All Solomon Movie Props

This guide will help you how to find 10 movie props in this Los Santos Summer Special update.

Film Reel (Outside Solomon Richards’s Office)

Awards (Inside Vanilla Unicorn Manager Office)

Headdress (Inside The Diamond Casino & Resort Man Bathroom)

Alien Head (Beam Me Up Mural In Sandy Shores)

Clapperboard (Inside Air Traffic Tower On Ground Floor, Ford Zancudo)

Warning: You should call Lester and choose “Cops turn blind eye” before finding this props or they gonna kill you in second.

Mummy Head (Abandoned House At Route 68, Grand Senora Desert)

Monster Mask (Rock At West Side Altruist Camp)

Rebel Truck (Possible Locations)

Start from this section, the next props until the end are located randomly in each of this maps.

This is the truck that you need to find.

These are possible locations (the blue dot in the first image are the truck that you looking for).

Rumpo Vans (Possible Locations)

Van image are unavailable due the time for this van to spawn are randomly, but you could find blue dots when you looking for it.

Pony Van (Possible Location)

Same goes like before, but this time are different location.

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