Grounded – Useful Tips for Killing Spiders, Sting Bugs, Bombardbugs

These useful tips for killing spiders, sting bugs, bombardbugs, etc. will help you while gaming Gorunded.

Useful Tips

Killing spiders, stink bugs etc, you can use other creatures to tank them for you. Ladybirds/bugs are great for tanking spiders, ants are great for tanking stinkbugs and bombardbugs

Stand on ladybird back and shoot spiders, then keep bird between you and spider. As soon as spider hits bug, it’ll engage and they’re tough enough to kill them. Also if other ladybirds are nearby they’ll gang up together, as ants will. Just be careful if soldier ants join worker ants as they are more aggressive.

Don’t keep meat in storage, this attracts ants which will then steal your stuff.

Use Mint hammer and Ant Club for combat. Hammer is good for ladybirds, club for spiders.
Block first, let bug attack, then hit it twice, then block again.

Use the terrain to get bugs stuck then use bow/arrows to kill.
Also look for leaves sticking up in the air, to choke point bugs so you can crowd control easier, esp for fighting larva.

You can build walls on top of walls.. if a bug can’t see you.. it usually won’t break the walls, grass walls are good perimeter fences, weed stem walls good for housing. Build off the ground with clay foundations. Or Scaffold to get away from spiders and ants. Place traps and spikes at stairs and near doors to keep critters away.

As soon as you can get acorn armour, gather acorns at the tree use it for making the larger storage boxes and the very op smoothie maker.

Smoothies can be made with any 3 items, they give water and heal you. You can make smoothies with 3 pebbles or 3 mushrooms or any mix of other base materials. Basically use all your excess stuff and keep a store of them for healing. In conjunction with bandages they can keep you going in combat for alot longer. Hopefully smoothies will be fixed to only use juice like components later on.

Weevils are attracted to your mushroom farms and water gatherers, so put those high up. Ants are attracted to weevils. Larva are attracted to corpses.

Grubs are little worms in the ground, Tremors style.. hit with spade/shovel then kill with spear.

There’s little Scab wristbands in various parts of the map. They are very small and difficult to see.

Research is the purple block hanging in the air, it is used to buy the bugl robot upgrades.

To access upgrades after finding bugl robot, look on the floor for the grasslands chip next to the robot, then give it to him in chat options with robot. 1000 research is needed for basic base upgrades.

That’s all I can think of right now. Please add your hints and tips below.

To repair buildings with the repair tool, hit the wall, chest, door etc with the repair tool to repair a small amount of damage. Basically it works in reverse to a weapon. Some items like basketball stands don’t take damage.

Best armour in game is ladybird for melee and spider for ranged/scouting.

Spiderlings are easy to kill and give you silk. If you find adult spiders too hard. You’ll find these near nests.

Insect Bow requires you to kill spiders, to get the mandibles, usually from the Wolf Spider.

Use the canteen to fill the water storage.

If you follow cable to the blinking lazer, you’ll find 2 grubs there at end of tunnel. As well as first sources of Quartzite, some Slim mold stalks and later a research cube if you check back.

Cannot sit in chairs, they are purely decoration only.

Torches work underwater.

Red Dots on items in inv indicate they need to be researched.

by Martin

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