Gordian Quest – Ending (Rift Lord Quest)

Am I stuck on the map? Is there a bug on Rift Lord? Where is Rift Lord? This guide shows the ending (Rift Lord is ascended) in Gordian Quest.

Bugs on Quests

To kill wolfs and cultists was impossible, that is, their health bar were not low (f.e. stuck at 58 health). And then I restarted Gordian Quest to fix it. It is done but once moving on another quest, I encountered the same issue. Moreover, again and again, I challenged with this issue but I achieved in the end (the best achievement :D).

Finally, Rift Lord is ascended and has max. power, also all quests are done (my journal is empty).

Rift Lord Quest

You should be able to see the dungeon location in the upper right-hand corner of the map now, as of Build 87i.

I cannot move on anywhere.

I unlocked waypoint quests but the game is stuck now (I do not know it is stuck or not).

Rift lord is ascended but that is it. Nothing to do now.

No quests in the Garrison.

Question: Where is The Rift Lord? Is he or she won? Where is the challenge with him?

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