Going Medieval – How to Fight Bandits

A guide on how to fight bandits in Going Medieval.

Fighting Bandits Guide

The enemy raid countdown is up on the right and you should plan to keep your villagers awake before the battle. You can change their schedule but there is an option to simply draft them and take manual control. On the manage window, you can pick what weapon and armor each villager should equip depending on their skills.

Set villagers with high melee skills or learning capacity for that skill to use swords or spears while setting up the villagers with high marksman skills with a ranged weapon. Some have minimal requirements, like the longbow which requires level 10 marksmanship.

How to Fight Bandits

When the raid is imminent, use the draft option to send your armed and armored villagers to the highest choke point you’ve created to wait for the enemies to come at them.

Give villagers with bows a good line of sight and array the melee ones to be able to gang up on the bandit raiders. If you planned out your defense well enough you should have all your villagers survive this first raid, minus a few injuries or wounds.

How to Fight Bandits

Make sure to move the dead and rotting bodies to your waste stockpile because they give negative mood modifiers to your villagers. You can also dig up graves and be done with them for good. Pick the best weapons and armor for your fighters and stockpile the rest for deconstruction or future new villagers.

How to Fight Bandits

From here on you need to prepare fields in the summer for food to grow, make new winter clothing, dig a basement for food to keep fresh in the summer heat waves and many more other things which I will cover in the next guide for Going medieval.

I want to thank you for reading and wish you all happy gaming.

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