Going Medieval – Building & Furniture Guide

This guide helps you on building and furniture in Building & Furniture.

Building & Furniture Guide

With the beams completed, we can stretch a thatched roof over them. As will notice, you only need beams at two parallel walls.

As night falls you should be almost done. You can reduce the layers you can see on the screen by using this UI option or the X key, and Z key to increase these layers. The better option is using the C key to hide just roofs and see inside buildings.

Going Medieval - Building & Furniture Guide

When you now click on the basic research table you will find that it has a 100% production efficiency due to being “Under a roof”. Your supplies are now also protected from rain, and your villagers won’t get soaked while asleep.

You can choose to spend the next 15 chronicles on agriculture or furniture. I am going to advise the more radical choice. Furniture. This is because it unlocks the wooden hay bed which gives better mood modifiers to your villagers and they also like to eat while sitting down and at a table. You can find food and wood all over the map and don’t really need to go into agriculture on day 2.

Going Medieval - Building & Furniture Guide

Waking up on their second day villagers will have received some negative modifiers. They slept outside, because while under a roof, they didn’t sleep in a room surrounded by walls. They also slept on just a pile of hay essentially. And on top of that they have breakfast standing up.

Going Medieval - Building & Furniture Guide

This is fixed by adding a wooden table and a few chairs. After the next meal, mood will improve. To remove those other negative modifiers a new room is needed. Preferably somewhere high up, with a single point of entry and in preparation to defend against bandits.

Adding a stockpile for wood and hay next to your newest construction project is always a good idea, as it saves time spent hauling construction materials.

Once your second floor is built you can start adding doors, windows and walls of your future bedrooms.

Another set of negative modifiers we need to turn into positive ones are entertainment and religious activity. The former can be solved by adding a Backgammon table while the later requires constructing shrines to the two different religions.

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