Godfall (Cracked) – How to Play Online with Friend.

First, you need to install the game correctly (how to install it).

Join the game and invite another friend (press I and click Social):

However, your friends need to be on the same mission.

For example, If you create a party and invite a friend on Earth, the game needs the same level, weapons, and mission.

If you have any questions and problems, please comment below.

Note: Please do not forget to buy the game to support developers.

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One comment

  1. Hi
    I am trying to connect with a friend with no luck until now. We have the same vereison 2.1.17 We are at the same stage and with shift +f3 we both have a message not joinale but inside the game from social i can invite him and he can accept. Then we are at the same spot and I can t see him.

    PS Doesn t this game have a map?

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