God of Gym – How to Unlock All Achievements – Walkthrough

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released God of Gym is eye-catching. This guide will show “How to Unlock All Achievements”. I will help you get through all achievements painlessly. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About God of Gym

You are a skinny guy who’s obsessed with being super strong. Your opponents are professionals who don’t wait long. Your task is to gain experience as quickly as possible to meet your opponents face to face. Will you be able to get to Olympus? It depends on you.

– Earn experience to improve your skills.

– Use the whole arsenal of your exercises to become stronger.

– Do not forget to eat calories to work more efficiently.

– Show all your power to defeat your opponent.

– Prove to everyone that You are the God of Gym.

How to Unlock All Achievements?

Binding Mouse Scroll to Your “Left Click” Mouse Button

1. Download a program called “X-mouse button”
2. Bind your scroll down or scroll up as your “left mouse button”
3. Make sure you have your “profile” selected and hit apply
4. Restart game

Note: No, you don’t need to worry about Vac bans, I have a 14-year-old steam account with over 300+ products.

Achievements Misc

Note: All achievements I did not go over are rather easy, you do not need direction…once you download the x mouse button and apply your settings correctly, you may use the mouse wheel as your click and you are able to get achievements like…

“Win the entire game with out eating sausages”

Iron Will

Go to your first battle competition and let him score two points, then you win from there , 3-2.

To Hell with the Diet

1. Make sure it’s night time which is one of the last work outs you do, you will notice the nighttime from the outside window…

2. Go to the sausages and eat all of them, the achievement will pop up right away.


Lose any battle in a work out competition.

Just a Minute

Lay in bed for a minute, go afk!

Just in Time

Beat a level in range of 5 seconds to finish!


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