Ghostwire: Tokyo – How to Get Achievements (Bow-related / Trophies)

A guide on how to get the bow-related achievements / trophies in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

How to Get the Bow-related Achievements / Trophies

How to unlock achievements revolving the Bow in Ghostwire Tokyo.


There are multiple achievements in Ghostwire Tokyo that require the use of the Bow, so I have created this guide to help you achieve them in a quick manner. This guide will focus on the “Sniper”, “Take a Bow”, and “Go For The Eyes” achievements. Following this guide, I will be creating a full-game guide for the achievements when I’ve 100% completed the game.


Before tackling these achievements, you might want to invest some skill points into your Bow, such as Yumitsukai, which upgrades your quiver size, or Yuminarashi, which focus on the Bow’s draw speed. Make sure to purchase arrows from a nearby shop, but luckily we will be heading to a specific area for this guide.

The easiest locations for the Bow-related achievements are open-areas, such as the iconic Shibuya crossing. There are multiple areas in the game that are open enough for these achievements, but if you want to grind them out, I have provided screenshots of two areas that I found effective. These areas seem to spawn a large amount of Visitors for you to kill with your trusty bow.

Now, let’s get achievement hunting!

Bow Achievements / Trophies

Sniper Achievement / Trophy

Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40m.

The best places for this achievement are open areas with a lot of space, such as the iconic Shibuya crossing, or for a matter of fact, any crossing at all. These areas are normally home to a variety of Visitors, but you will want to aim for the tall slenderman-like creatures with Umbrellas called Rain Walkers, or the smartly-dressed Visitors called Paper Dolls. I’d avoid shooting the big guys called Rugged Walkers, as they can take a few head shots before they die.

Simply find a target in the areas provided in the previous section, and take aim at their head. You might need to crouch depending on the enemy, but if you’re successful you will unlock the “Sniper” achievement in Ghostwire Tokyo.

Take a Bow Achievement / Trophy

Defeat a total of 50 Visitors using the bow.

The areas that I provided in the previous section are close to numerous shops, so keep purchasing arrows from them if you run out. This achievement requires you to defeat 50 enemies with the bow. Some of you may earn this naturally, but open areas like I have explained make grinding for it easier.

Go For The Eyes Achievement / Trophy

Defeat a total of 20 Visitors with headshots.

This achievement requires you to land 20 headshots on enemies. Using the advice from the “Sniper” achievement description, simply repeat the steps until you unlock the achievement. However, you may earn this one naturally by playing the game normally.

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