Ghostrunner – Level 7-8-9-10 Collectible Locations

This guide shows level 7-8-9-10 collectible locations in Ghostrunner.

Level 7-8-9-10 Collectible Locations

Level 7 Run-up

This level has three items.

The first is in the room with the moving blocks of molten metal.

Before you do this wallrun:

turn around and look to the left and you will see this spot:

where there is a spot to go instead of a laserwall. Well.. go there.

The next item is after the section downwards with the death waltzes. Walk through the green door and you will see this corridor:

walk a few steps forward turn around look up and you will see a grappling spot taking you to the item.

The final item is right before this jump:

instead of jumping look to the left and down there is a platform on the side you can drop down onto containing the final item.

Level 8 The gatekeeper

You are in luck there are no items here.

Can you imagine? Haha this level is awful enough without them.

Level 9 Dharma City

This level contains five items.

After some jumps from ropeway to ropeway you reach this spot:

dont do that wallrun instead turn around and take this ropeway again:

you will see that it turns and it will through you into an alley with the item.

The next one is right before this superjump:

pick it up but dont use it yet instead turn around and walk towards these umbrellas:

then superjump up onto the platforms behind them.

After you do the superjump normally and murder 2 goons you can see the next item through a fence.

On the left of the this ropeway:

you can see an opportunity for wallrunning. do that go round the corner navigate between the obstacles and finally at the other side of the fence lies your reward.

The fourth item is on the right side of this ropeway:

when you get there go into this hole and look right:

The next one is hard to show or write from your normal pespective but see if this helps as orientation:

well when you are here turn around and you see the item:

just turn that panel and wallrun

Level 10 Echoes

This level contains six items.

The first is here in that corner down there in the far back:

The second is within the room full of enemies that starts with this ramp:

at the exit door turn around look up and you see this:

just wallrun along the right.

The next one is at the end of another murder room. right here youd normally find a big murderbot:

On top of that pipe is your goal. take the ropeway up and drop down here:

In this same area is also the next goodie. Before you walk through this door:

turn around and you will see that square hole up there:

on the other side is the goodie.

You will collect the fifth item under sniper fire at this spot with the movable wall:

follow it to the left look left again and in this corner behind this box you will find it:

The final item is on that little platform visible up there:

You will need to collect a superjump to progress anyway just use it to get up there instead.

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