Ghostrunner – Level 11-12-13-14-15 Collectible Locations

This guide shows level 11-12-13-14-15 collectible locations in Ghostrunner.

Level 11-12-13-14-15 Collectible Locations

Level 11 Faster

This level only has one item and you find it almost instantly.

After you shank 3 weaboos it is on the left side of the train cart right before you go to the side for the first time right here:

Level 12 in her own image

It only has one item and the first time I beat the level I didnt get it but the second time I suddenly had it but I have no idea where from.

Is it from killing the boss? But then why didnt I get it the first time?

Well… to be determined.

Level 13 The Forbidden Zone

This level contains five items.

The first item is directly in the first room with the first turret:

kill the turret then before exiting look right:

and there it is, just go there.

The second is in this area where you are sandwiched between two walls under fire:

once you shank the dude look up to the left. On top of this metal railing thingy is the item:

just walk in a circle gather momentum from walljumping from the other side and get up there.

The third item is in this spot with the many turrets:

after killing all of them right in front of the exit door look to the right walk a few steps and look up and youll see this grappling point:

thats also where the item is.

The fourth item is in this area where you get literally jumped from both sides:

take care of that then on the right platform walk towards the front and you see this platform in the distance:

just look up and youll see a grappling point to. go up and jump over and theres the item.

I believe the fifth item was in this area too? But its another victim of the fact that items cant be collected twice and I failed to record it the first time around.

Level 14 Reign in hell

This level has six items.

The first one is at this spot where some creature scurries past you:

after it! Towards the right. You will find a dead end and this lightning (TM) port that you need the suriken for.

You will get the shuriken shortly after this moment in the level, instead of using it like you should drag it here.

Again you can do this without the upgrade that extends the time of pickups but you shouldnt.

Anyway once you shoot this a door opens with the item in it.

The second item is in this spot where you try to go up.

why would you do that go down instead. beneath your starting platform is a hidden platform with the item.

After you get chased onto a ropeway by creatures you will find this area:

dont go there turn around and take this ropeway again instead:

and that will get you the third item.

This room contains the fourth item as well.

When you reach this spot:

just turn to the left and you should see it.

The fifth item is at the end of this ropeway:

however a deathsquad of murdertoddlers wait for you as well. Just rope right back up watch them explode then come down again. Now with calm look to the right and there it is.

The sixth item comes way later in this calm section with a few wallruns:

After that first wallrun look to the right and youll see the item:

Level 15 Things you wouldn’t believe

This level has five items and also the last items in the game. After this the levels dont contain items and will therefor also not be listed.

The first item is in this spot:

you can already see a ropeway in the image. After you grapple up just take that ropeway.

The second item is in this area:

if you follow that ropeway then turn around you will see there is more level hidden in the back:

Go back there do hardcore parkour and get on top then you will find the item.

The third item is here after some ropeway jumps:

I will actually tell you what it is for once! I dont remember for any of the others but I do remember that this one gives you a really cool RGB sword skin. For GAMERS.

Anyway, turn around and youll see this:

jump over there and behind the boxes is the skin.

The fourth item can be reached here right before you drop down:

instead of dropping down there look and go to the left and look down and youll see a superjump. Drop down to it.

Then once you have it jump up on that tower:

The final item in the game (if you consider the missing ones collected) can be found by first getting on top of this grate in the section with the ropeway and shurikens:

then using the superjump you can see there to get on the very top of this same tower and then you will be done.

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