Ghostrunner – Level 1-2-3-4-5-6 Collectible Locations

This guide shows level 1-2-3-4-5-6 collectible locations in Ghostrunner.

Level 1-2-3-4-5-6 Collectible Locations


The guide is supposed to show you all collectibles but I only caught about 95% so far. WIth some help from the comments this should be 100%.

Most importantly this at this point includes all audiologs and almost all sword skins.

I will always have an image representing what your perspective playing the level would typically be and sometimes an additional one to show where you go instead.

Please, look at other collectible guide:

General tips

  • All items are shown as yellow questionmarks in-game.
  • You can view your collected items with T.
  • T also opens the upgrade menu, which contains an upgrade that shows collectibles on your minimap as a yellow dot.
  • If you already managed to complete a level you can quit it the moment you get the last collectible it will still count.
  • The items don’t do anything for gameplay. The audiologs only add a bit of story.
  • None of the items can be found in the simulated worlds.

Level 1 An awakening

This level only contains a single item.

In this spot with the russian writing where you have to duck:

Behind it there is a wall where you wallrun but instead of jumping to the left jump to the right on this pipe:

Level 2 A look inside

This level only contains a single item.

In the spot where you have to do this jump:

Just look to the right instead and walk a step or two.

Level 3 The Climb

This level contains four items.

This is the area where you find the first:

Instead of doing that jump you want to turn to the right and run along this wall:

Then land on the pipe and walk to the back.

The second item is behind this huge laserwall:

If you make the jump just drop down in this hole:

The third item can be found after a long downwards parkour section right before you go through this door:

Just turn around 180 degrees jump over the stop sign and you have it.

And well the fourth item is part of the 5% that I don’t have yet, check the comments.

Level 4 Jacked up

In this level there are 4 items.

The first one is on the platform in the middle here on the very right:

Just jump behind this junk:

The room with the second item has a bunch of enemies in it you need to take care of first.

Minus the enemies it looks like this:

And if you turn to the right it is behind this trashpile:

Ok for the next one I need to make an addition. This game has the fun habit of not showing collectibles anymore once you collected them and I didn’t record it the first time around BUT if my memory is correct then you want to be in this spot:

Then turn to the left and look behind this:

If this happens to be incorrect the one thing i can tell you is that it is really close to this spot.

The final item now with a guarantee again is also in a room filled with enemies. On initial entering it looks like this:

Then at the very end at the ecit there are platforms going up and up there:

Behind some boxes in the very corner is the last collectible here.

Level 5 Breathe In

This is where the fun begins the level has 9 items (and i even found 8….)

The first is behind the huge fan on the left here:

If you pass it get the timeslowing powerup here:

And run right back.

In that image with the timeslow you can already see the next powerup on the other side of the chasm.

You can’t get there yet first you want to murder everything in slow motion then arrive at this button:

Once pressed you can progress thorugh the level with your grappling hook but on the other side you can also grapple to the collectible now.

The third item is on the left side of the metal bar in the middle here:

Do the grapple wallrun etc towards the right THEN turn around:

And do it backwards but get on top of the metal bar this time and walk to the back.

The fourth item is at the part with the spinny platform in this tunnel:

Just take the platform past the exit go further and jump into that tunnel.

See the ceiling here:

Well on top of that is the next item and you really just have to use the vent in front of you.

The sixth one is at this spot where you turn the two grappling hooks:

And if you look to the right you see you need to grapple but when going up go to the right on this pipe:

And just walk around to the back

The seventh is a matter of timing. It is here where you spin the crane:

On the other side theres a platform with the item and you gotta jump and grapple towards it the moment you press the button and the crane starts spinning.

You can find the eigth item on the way back at this moment where you get the timeslow:

Instead of advancing look to the right like this:

And all the way back there jump through that vent instead.

You can do it without the upgrade that extends pickups but you might need it.

And well the ninth item is missing still.

Level 6 Road to Amida

This level has five items again.

The first one is here where you fight the new enemy:

And it is below the ramp in the picture, just drop down on the side.

The second item is in a room full of enemies that should look somewhat like this:

And where you see the shield orb originating its near that.

Specifically up there on the boxes:

The third item is in this spot with the 3 laserwalls:

Just walk back a few steps and there is a chasm on the left but you can see the item from there and you can wallrun towards it with the wall on the right side of the chasm.

The fourth item is in this spot where you stop the last wheel:

just.. turn around and its right there behind some junk.

Annnnnd the fifth item is missing again. Sorry (kind of)

By krozzus

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