Ghost of Tsushima – Tale of Ryuzo Walkthrough (How to Get Company of Wolves Achievement)

A guide on Tale of Ryuzo walkthrough (how to get company of Wolves Achievement) in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima: Tale of Ryuzo Walkthrough

  • Meet Ryuzo.
  • Follow Ryuzo to Fort Ohira.

  • Do not raise the alarm.
  • Disable the alarm in the lighthouse:
  • Ignite the lighthouse to signal the attack
  • Defeat the Mongols in Fort Ohira.

Tip: To kill shieldman, use water stance. Water Stance increases Stagger damage dealt to Shieldmen.

  • Survey the Mongol landing site
  • Do not raise the alarm

Be careful to archers here. Put that archers on that cliff:

Mongols will focus and then what we still a boat.

  • Lead Ryuzo to the Mongol rowboat

  • Search the ship for food

Loot here and kill leader.

  • Reach the next ship
  • Search the ship for food
  • And find that bear:

Find Mongol War Plans:

On order of the Khan, send one thousand men north to Toyotama region. Maintain supply lines across Izuhara region. Command assignments follow.
Bataar - Azamo, Komatsu Prefectures
Nugai - Ariake, Tsutsu Prefectures
Temuge - Yarikawa Prefecture
Altan - Otsuna Prefecture
Bartu - Kin Prefecture
Dogshin -Jogaku Prefecture
  • Return to Ryuzo
  • Find him:
  • And help him
  • Defeat Mongol

Tips for Defeating Mongol:

  • Try to revive Ryuzo
  • Use your arrow to throw on him

  • Jump off the ship

Because the other ship will fire on you and Ryuzo.


In the end, you will get trophy which is Company of Wolves. Also, you will get one technique to upgrade your skill.

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