Ghost of Tsushima – Guide to Animal, Map, Equipment, Surviving

A guide to animal, map, equipment, surviving in Ghost of Tsushima.

Follow the Wind

Watch your surroundings for clues that can lead you to points of interest, such as smoke on the horizon or mysterious-looking trees. Call the Guiding Wind to help navigate toward your current objective.

As you explore, you can pick any point on the map and follow the wind to find it, ranging from various Tales of Tsushima to specific points of interest, villages or even collectibles.

Use Animals As Nature’s Tour Guide

Pay attention to animals like golden birds or foxes, which can lead you to special landmarks or activities. Plumes of smoke can also mark enemy strongholds, villages, people in need, or other things to be discovered.

Keep an eye out for buildings or rock faces that can be climbed, as you never know what you might find at the top.

Explore The Map To Uncover Points Of Interest

While you’ll need to explore to find new parts of Tsushima initially, once you’ve discovered an area or point of interest, you’ll be able to return to it with Fast Travel. It’s worth talking to merchants you meet, as one may give you a special outfit that can aid you in your journey and even help you discover hidden secrets.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for materials like bamboo or yew wood, as well as flowers growing across the island, as they can all help to transform your weapons or armor in different ways.

Wear The Right Equipment

While Jin can wear many outfits, not all of them are simply to give him a new look. Each armor offers unique stats and advantages, so it’s always worth considering the right attire for any given moment. Even after you’ve unlocked a specific armor, you can upgrade it to strengthen its effects, or purchase new dyes to change its appearance and match your favorite style.

Musical Moments

Try climbing as high as you can and getting a good a look at the island, then play Jin’s flute. A break for a nice song may have unexpected effects.

Blocking, Dodging and Parrying

Blocking, dodging, and parrying are essential tools to winning fights in Ghost of Tsushima. You can hold L1 to block most attacks, but you’ll need to tap it just before an enemy strike in order to perform a parry, which will allow you to hit with a brutal counterattack. You can also use Circle to dodge an attack altogether, which can also leave enemies vulnerable.

Early on, guard often to learn different enemy strike patterns and timing. Once you start to feel comfortable, try blocking first and parrying follow-up strikes until you learn the right pace.

Watch and Learn

Your best tactics to fight back against the Mongol invasion are the combat stances Jin can learn to quickly counter various types of enemies. By defeating or observing Mongol leaders at occupied encampments, you’ll earn points toward unlocking new stances that are particularly effective against enemies using specific attacks.

You’ll start with the Stone stance, which is particularly effective against swordsmen, but take the time to learn the Water or Wind stances in order to effectively fight back against enemies with shields or spears. Mastering the various stances is key to effectively breaking an enemy’s attack and coming away victorious.

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