Ghost of Tsushima – Good and Bad Ending Walkthrough

This walkthrough will show you good and bad ending Ghost of Tsushima.

Ending Walkthrough

That was so brilliant ending of Ghost of Tsushima. Dialogs were so great. Look at that:

A gift you give to our enemy.

I had to stop you from throwing away our people’s lives.

You have no honor.

You are a slave to it.

I think the “bad” and “good” ending was the bad ending. That was so sad both of them.

Good Ending

When Lord Shimura is defeated you have options that have spare or kill. For the good ending, choose spare.

Dialogs like that:

  • I have no honor. But I will not kill my family.
  • The Ghost will be hunted for the rest of his days.
  • I know.

Bad Ending

When Lord Shimura is defeated you have options that have spare or kill. For the bad ending, choose kill.

Dialogs like that:

  • I will make sure you are remembered. As a great warrior…a wise leader…and a father…
  • Thank you, my son. Find me in the next life.
  • I will.


There are two good endings and two bad endings, depending on both Lord Shimura and Lord Sakai’s perspective. You choose to kill Lord Shimura then its a good ending for Lord Shimura but a bad ending for Jin, since Lord Shimura gets what he wanted at the end of the duel and does not get to see Lord Sakai as the Ghost during his last breaths, although Lord Sakai would lose the only father figure to him and the only family he has. Choosing to spare Lord Shimura means a bad ending for Lord Shimura himself, as he sees Jin refusing Lord Shimura’s wish and also seeing Jin turning into the Ghost as his last moment with Jin, although its a good ending for Jin because he knows that Lord Shimura as his only family left is alive, which is all Jin cares about. hardest two decision I’ve ever come across. I chose to spare him because I can’t bare seeing Jin killing Lord Shimura whose basically a father figure to Jin and his only family.

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