Gensou Skydrift – Character Stats Sheet Guide

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention about the Gensou Skydrift is eye-catching. This guide will show “Character Stats Sheet”. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Gensou Skydrift

This game doesn’t look like other things you’ve played in the past. As such we don’t have much information on whether or not you might be interested in it.

20 challengers from the Touhou Project! One girl acts as a board and one acts as a rider.
Swap between characters! Use spell cards for interference, acceleration, and defense,
or use devastating Last Words!

Skydrift Character Stats Sheet

A collection of Character Stats Datamined from the games code:

Some Page Trivia:
#CharacterStats => The Stats of the Characters in the values as they are used in the Calculations ingame
#AbsoluteRelations => The Stats put into relation to display how large the numbers differ
#ChararcterStatsRelation => The Stats put into relation to show how much each Character differs
#Characternets(CharacterRelation) => Basically like the ingame Display, but more accurate+ hiddenstats
#StatlookupNum => the Charactervalues that are being used to look up in the stats array (normal users can ignore)
#Valuestoberead => Statsarray, Calculations and also not very useful to the common user
#Compare + #data for Compare => currently being worked on to switch over to statsrelation from lookupNums, not to be used
A few words on the creation of this sheet:
It had been easier in the past game to do this sheet due to a simple thing
For some reason, the Code has an obfuscator inserted that changed all Skydriftvariable names to, well mojibake/garbled text that noone can make sense off
this.IDBEEPAJNLO += this.HGJGCGMIKKD.GIAIOBGJILM.x * (((double) this.OECDDKADHHL * (double) this.HGJGCGMIKKD.GIAIOBGJILM.x <= 0.0 ? 3.4f : this.DNMKFILMOPB) +
Mathf.Lerp(0.0f, this.PIEMCMKAKAI, CHEBABACLCD.AIKFLALIDHP((float) this.NGDCMNIDPEG, 40f)));
This is an example of such a line, decoding what these things do have been a pain for the most part and my only saving grace was that the old version didn’t have that
So i looked up each variable in the old version, used the variable names of that and made a dictionary basically for what each meant
I am sure that some error has probably slipped in in the process, but I have also seen considerable changes to the groundwork of the game, for example, the race start code that
loads all variables has received a major overhaul, and all turning radii have been buffed aswell

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