Generation Zero – Weapon Replacer Mod (Cheating)

Weapon Replacer Mod (cheating) for Generation Zero is a tool for replacing weapons in your inventory with other weapons of any quality.

Weapon Replacer Mod


This mod is meant as a learning tool for myself and others who want to see what you can do with modding the game, yes it is able to cheat in higher value items and that is entirely up to whoever uses this and the way they choose to. I am not liable in any way for what this will do to your machine but I have a Virus Total Scan if you are worried about it harming your machine. Also please don’t come to me if you mess up your save file. I am still very new to modding this game and would like to help but just don’t know-how.

What is This Mod?

It’s a weapon replacer mod, making it was a learning exercise and taught me quite a few things about modding this game in general. But I figured I would share it with everyone else.

Also yes you should consider this cheating. I’m not here to judge just merely share my work. I personally don’t have an issue with it considering I play the game only with my other friends who are well aware of these modifications.


Download mod: Nexus


1: Run Generation Zero and either write down or screenshot the weapons you wish to replace inside your player inventory.

2: Navigate to the downloaded folder and run the “Generation Zero Save File Modder”

3: When the program runs you can use the dropdowns and select which weapon to replace and replace with. The tickers on the right determine the rarity of the weapon. Before clicking Swap make sure to select the savegame you wish to modify. When all the fields are filled and the savegame is selected click Swap to modify the savegame. You can modify the weapons all before relaunching the game.

  • Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves\–SomeNumbers–\savegame

By GrimChan

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