General Practitioner – How To Date Walkthrough – Guide

This guide will help on how to date in General Practitioner as a walkthrough.

It is for use within the steam overlay in order to quickly check information before commencing an action, the guide is still Under Construction, with no clear or precise objective on what is going to be included as it develops. If you have any information that can be added to the guide please drop a comment below, etc..


There are two main degrees of Dating in the game, the first is “Partners”, and the second is “Casual Encounters” below is some more information about both:

Casual Encounters

You will notice that flirting with some patients makes the examination end in certain phrases like I will get back to you about dinner, but it doesn’t add those characters to the friendships on the stat page…

This is because they are not “DatableCharacters”, that can become “Girlfriends” but you can still have sexual relationships with them if you so choose!!

If an examination with any given patient has a satisfactory CL rating and is happy with the examination they received. You can begin to move in on the patient, but it requires you first to meet them in your spare time at the relevant locations.

You will then engage into the conversation and try to impress them enough, in order to judge how you are performing the screen will have an attitude rating, similar to the CL rating back at the clinic. If you fail to impress them enough the encounter will end.


  • It’s not 100% confirmed if the CL rating has to be FULL in order for the character to show up at any given meeting place whilst walking around town, in the example of this guide Clara had a FULL rating at the end of the examination, before showing up at the park.
  • If at the examination process your fliting, and advances fails to yield a good enough CL rating, along with the patient not being impressed at the outcome of the examination, Then the character will not be meetable at any location in your spare time
  • That also seems to apply in the same way failing to obtain a good enough “attitude” rating will result in a failed casual encounter, you can use the back feature to get around any mistakes…

After your encounters, you will receive an increase (and/or) a decrease to your characters/clinic ratings… In the above example, it resulted in the following changes:

  • +5 Sexperience
  • +2 Charm
  • +2 Fitness
  • -25 Energy
  • +5 Fame
  • -5 Integrity

It’s not yet confirmed if all previous patients can become Casual Encounters, or even become permanent partners, on the stat pages !!


The table below only shows any characters that show up in the “Stats Page” which are the story mode’s main characters, and it’s assumed they are in effect possible “Girlfriends”.


  • DatableCharacters, are always available in their respective meeting locations as the storyline unlocks the appropriate settings and parameters.

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