Gears Tactics – How to Defeat Corpser (Boss) – Walkthrough

How to defeat the first boss Corpser in Gears Tactics? This is a walkthrough tries to help you.

How to Defeat Corpser (Useful Tips)?

Avoid Corpser’s red-attack line.

Shoot its head near it.

Avoid its mines.

Back up when it is shielded and kill revealed creatures:

Try to break Corpser’s shield:

After that, Corpser’s red-line attack will have two long lines. It is getting difficult to avoid its attacks after this stage.

Gather your men in the middle line and attak it.

But Corpser expands red-line attack while you are breaking shield.

So try to go to the corners being non-redline.

Some time later, Corpser will move and touch the crane. Crane will shake and fall down but you need to support falling.

Aim the steel ropes to drop Crane onto the Corpser.

It is done!

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