Gears Tactics – Chapter 3 Walkthrough (How to Rescue Prisoners)

This walkthrough will help you on how to rescue prisoners in Chapter 3 of Gears Tactics.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

How to Rescue Prisoners?

Rescue the prisoner in 14 or less turns
  • All Units must survive.

You have to kill five units with people that you’ve rescued. You have to rescue prisoners in 15 or less turns so you have to keep an eye on that you have to move fast.

Grenadier becomes more difficult when injured immediately attacks if you get too close.

These enemies are like super aggressive, they just run towards you:

Do not waste ammo, execute them if you have any chance.

If you are overwatched, run for it and hide another side.

Getting ally in Chapter 3 gonna useful for you.

Use Bayonet Charge because of dead accuracy. That means, close to enemy as far as possible and execute them.

Doing execution gives an extra point.

Return to APC

Be careful to reinforcements. Throw grenades if you have them. Because they move along together:


Common Rapid Mag: Passive Skill: Hair Trigger

Common Power Handle: +15 Damage

Common Precision Sights: +3% Accuracy Bonus

Huong “Burner”Foreman: Mission Reward

Andrea “Apex”Phelps: Mission Reward

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