Gas Station Simulator – Tips for Workshop, Employees, and More

This shows tips for workshops, employees, and more in Gas Station Simulator.

Tips and Tricks

In this guide, I will try to explain the basics of the game, with which you can achieve a continuous increase, thus minimizing the monotonous course of the game!

The computer

The most important tool in the game.

The buildings

The most important building, as its level, determines the level of the other buildings, and dissolves the various parts and extensions! If you click on it, you can see the current fuel level in the storage tank and how far the next Popularity level is! 

Here you can also improve your level! 

The workshop: As the building grows, more work becomes available, and the latest development also provides a 2nd assembly station! Here you can also see how many parts are available to you, so you don’t have to go around the workshop because of it! The warehouse:

As you increase the level of each gas station, it’s a good idea to pull one on this building right away! If you always keep this building at the maximum level, you will not have any supply problems due to lack of space! Here you can see how much is in stock, so you don’t have to browse the shelves!


In this menu you can buy new shelves and upgrade your gas station! Here you can increase the number of parking spaces and wells, as well as the size of the toilet!

The Supply

When ordering fuel, be careful that the more you research, the faster you run out of gas, so as you progress you should always buy more, the fewer turns you make, the less upheaval you will have and you will minimize the chances of running out! The game also warns you about this on the left! At the beginning of the game, 100 l is still enough, but soon enough, 200 l will be the basic order! If money is not an obstacle, you can also choose to buy 500 l! It is important that you cannot overfill the storage tank, you can only buy as much as you are missing!

In the supply menu you can order the necessary items for the store! It’s worth ordering everything you need and what your money allows at once! When you select the products you can see green and red dots! Green products are cheaper than usual and red is more expensive! This changes every midnight, so it’s worth buying the greens! There are strong differences in the game in terms of profit! There is alcohol that is worth a higher-than-average purchase price, because it still has a profit of up to $ 60-70! So is tobacco! You should always check these! You can see the graph in the upper right corner of the product image!

In the case of car parts, it is worth paying attention to the same things as when ordering supplies! It is important to keep in mind that there is a big gap between the minimum and maximum price of the products! For example, a wheel change is worth $ 90, but the wheel itself can be bought for $ 60 (it’s already red, higher than the average price)!

With the development of the workshop and the gas station, new products will become available!


You need a residence first to hire employees. You can have a total of 5 people, each need a separate caravan! The number of these is determined by the gas station! You should always buy a new one as soon as it becomes available! The caravan itself is cheap! The list of applicable people changes daily (in-game time, irl 24 minutes)! You decide who you hire! You should pay attention to what abilities they have, choose based on what you would need! When reviewing employees, you have the option to give them a job, pay them, or fire them! It’s important that if their 8-hour job expires, you’ll have to pay them, otherwise you can’t reassign them!

You have 2 options to pay, one of the basic modes is when you pay for the hours worked! The other is the premium, if you pay him after work, you can immediately send him to work again! This has a 24 hour (24 minute) reactivation time! The premium costs more, but in this case your employee “works for free” for a while, in other words, part of the next 8 hours is already paid!

In this menu you can also see their abilities! As they work, they progress in that particular process, you can follow this here by clicking on the “Show stats” button at the bottom of the employee’s profile!

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