Gas Station Simulator – How to Fix Crashes

A guide on how to fix crashes (for AMD and NVIDIA) in Gas Station Simulator.

How to Fix Crashes


In order to fix the crashes, it is necessary to follow the updates first. In addition, if you are using one of the AMD graphics cards, please check if the software is compatible with your graphics card by opening AMD Radeon Software. Even go to AMD’s site and download it and reinstall all AMD software including your processor. This was the definitive result for me, by the way.

Also, check the “update” status in the upper left corner. It is generally not updated:

Then please find the “.exe” file of your game by saying “add game” from the “gaming” tab and have it defined in your software.


What you said for AMD also applies to NVIDIA. It is especially important to introduce the game to the software and choose NVIDIA as the default graphics card. In addition, completely deleting the software, reinstalling and updating will also affect the performance of your other games.

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