Gas Station Simulator – 8 Tips to Increase Popularity

A guide on how to increase popularity in Gas Station Simulator. Let’s begin with 8 tips.

8 Tips to Popularity

Increasing Popularity

Tip 1: Do The Cleaning Yourself

The cleaning issue needs to be developed by the game developers. So for now, you have to do the cleaning yourself (see my cleaning guide).

Tip 2: Cashier

The cash register is a part of the game that makes you earn money, albeit a little. If the employee you assigned to the safe is out of power, replace it immediately. Especially if you are the head of the safe, your popularity level will increase very quickly.

Tip 3: Paint The Walls

Dennis ruthlessly defiles his walls. There is no way to kill Dennis. But at level 5 he no longer messes up his station. Find Dennis’s decoration in the “outdoor” in the decoration tab and get rid of this mischief.

Tip 4: Fuel Level Control

Order gasoline from the delivery tab without finishing the fuel level. This causes great trouble. Stay alert.

Tip 5: Lack Of Employee

Employees are not yet at a sufficient level for the game. That’s why you have to run most of the work. Be very careful, the employee gets tired quickly and quit the job. This causes your popularity level to drop quickly without realizing it.

Tip 6: Credit

Taking a loan takes great risk. When you can’t raise the money on time other than paying interest, your popularity level drops a lot. My advice to you is that instead of decorating or hiring employees, do all the work yourself at first and don’t have to take out loans.

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