Gas Station Simulator – 5 Tips to Do a Good Cleaning

Is this a bug? I do not know. I try to give some tips in this guide. This shows 4 tips to do a good cleaning in Gas Station Simulator.

4 Tips to Do a Good Cleaning

  1. Look at score on cleaning
  2. Always choose him/her to do it
  3. Do not fire him/her
  4. Pay premium sometimes
  5. Rest him/her

Is This a Bug Again

I think the biggest problem at the station is cleanliness. It doesn’t clean the station well when you assign one of the elements to the cleaning task. On top of that, he gets a salary and gets tired immediately. For example, it gets on my nerves when customers say disgusting 😀 It is necessary to find a good cleaner. Or is this a bug?

Even though I pay a premium salary, the cleaning is not really what I expected. I found an element with a clearance score of 5 for now. But when crazy customers come by bus, it makes a mess.


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