Gas Station Simulator – 18 Tips to be Successful

This shows how to be successful (18 tips) in Gas Station Simulator.

18 Tips to be Successful

1 Conveyor Belt

If the conveyor belt runs too fast at the checkout, you don’t always have to keep it completely clean. It gradually gets dirty and slows down until it is so dirty that it stops. So I always leave it halfway dirty so that I don’t have to turn it on and off all the time while using it, but can let it run. I find it more comfortable;)

2 Footprints

Many people get excited about the fact that the shop fills up quickly (me too).

But also pay attention to the display on the top left of the cleanliness. It doesn’t sink that fast because of a handful of footprints. If the display is in the upper half, everything is actually still OK.

3 Dennis + Achievement

I quickly got upset that you don’t have something on hand to throw it at him if you keep the place in good working order. But it is enough to run to him, that also scares him away. You just have to watch out for your stink bombs and walk around there.


The achievement of Getting Dennis on Steam can’t always be very easy. Often you don’t even notice it and only see later that it was there.


e.g. don’t wait forever for the kid to come, you can wait forever;)

No, just keep playing! At the end of the main quest there is a Dennis siren, similar to the techno music from the bus, it is unmistakable. Until Dennis is at your gas station, you have a certain time to go to the siren and to spawn an item with a left click, which you can then throw at Dennis. If you have thrown him about 4 – 5 times with it and he was not able to spray a single picture, you get the success.

4 Color Of The Walls

All walls and doors have to be repainted every now and then. Depending on the choice of color, you can see it sooner or later that the color should / could be renewed slowly. BUT don’t panic! Of course it is not nice for one or the other if it looks a bit run down (I find it even has a certain charm). Keep in mind that the cleanliness indicator doesn’t care what the walls look like.

5 Paint Walls

When the mini-game starts, you should keep the arrow in the green area. To do this, press the left mouse button and keep it pressed, BUT you have to let go of it in good time, otherwise the arrow will shoot over the target and land in the red area, which means = too much color so color spots on the floor = dirt. In the lower red area you don’t need to worry, means = too little color = so don’t panic.

6 Employees

My first employee, I went straight to the cash register. But, they are not at work around the clock. According to the email from my uncle, probably only 8 inGame hours. So I usually don’t use it because it doesn’t cost you any money at the back of your caravan. But when I hear the techno music on the bus, I drop everything and pick it up so that it can serve the cash register during the big rush. So I can concentrate on refueling, the workshop and cleaning the shop.

7 Command Employees

You don’t have to speak to the employees directly to command them, you can do this directly from your PC. Saves a lot of time to walk to their caravans across the street.

If you are not in the money at the beginning, note that the employees have different pay, depending on the type of work.

For example: cleaning staff around $ 15-25 and around $ 90-110 at the checkout

8 Store Clerk

Pay attention to your employees, especially if you control them via the PC. For me it’s employees No. 2 and No. 3 who want about 90% to go through the department store on the way back to the break. Curiously, they can go through the closed gate, but get caught in the front of the door. So I caught them when I was looking for them because they were on the inside of the door.

Or the cleaning staff, they not only clean the sales room, toilet and workshop. If you have the empty pallets, drums and co. have not removed from the store, the cleaner occasionally wants to go to the store and remove some of it. Which means, here too, the employee gets stuck at the door again.

9 Vehicles That Are Stuck

One often reads in all possible languages ​​here in the forum ^^.

There is a red button for this, right next to the lever to open and close your gas station. This will reset all vehicles and people. In connection with that, the two delivery vans … wait until they take the bend as they drive out before closing the gates. Otherwise they bugger extremely through the area.

The problem with the delivery truck was fixed with the first patch! BUT, be careful if you close the gates too early, otherwise the back one will remain open. And we know from the email that it can then be stolen from you.

10 Sweeping Cars

If you have a car that is stuck somewhere, you don’t always have to close the entire gas station. Instead of using the reset button, you can simply take your broom;) it is very easy to do with it.

Tip comes from another player who wrote it somewhere (sorry don’t know exactly who and where) but tested and works perfectly.

11 Crack The Trunk

You can not only do this in the parking lot, but also comfortably at the petrol pumps. And don’t panic in front of the police, they can stand right next to them and do nothing;)

12 Rudy

Our little sand shovel Rudy is supposed to be expensive according to the email, because sandstorm => pile of sand => work with Rudy => cost of gasoline.

Mmhh well, at the moment refueling the petrol can is “free”. I tested it when the tank was closed and checked the fuel level before and after, because I wanted to know how much the canister would hold. Could have been that it differs from the 20 liters that are on the canister.

(Status: version of the publication)

13 Customers In The Workshop

Apparently you can really make the customers wait first. But only if you lift the car “AND” has already changed some of the parts. At times I will leave a car up for 1 real hour for a longer test.

Test passed;) for more than 1 hour and still gave a positive rating!

PS: But make sure that when you close the gas station, of course the customers also want to drive down and away from the lifting platform;)

14 Spark Plugs

(As not further explained in the game or shown in any way). When you have reached the ratchet when changing the spark plugs, you release it by holding down the “right mouse button” and then pull it back with the “left mouse button” held down after the change.

15 Extra Points For Popularity

After completing the main quest (currently the $ 5,000) there are plenty of tasks that give you extra points. The nice thing about it is, it’s for things that you do all the time anyway;) In

other words: Don’t focus too much on popularity before completing the main quest.

16 Minigames

If you want to relax a little in between, you don’t just have the two RC race tracks and the basketball hoop.

There is also a Rudy ski jump to practice the long jump with him (preferably with the turbo mode).

As well as practicing potting on the house’s own junkyard mini golf course (unfortunately so far without a cue and swing display, but it still works wonderfully).

Both can be found not far behind Rudy’s parking space!

17 Stress

Some get upset about the amount of stress that the game brings with it. The stress, however, results from your own way of playing;)

Tip 1

If you don’t have your gas station open forever, e.g. only from morning to evening, then play with the staff. Even if these don’t stay at work forever, you can swap them back and forth and change them.

Tip 2

Night shift

If the many customers who come during the day are too much for you, you can just open the petrol station at night. At night it is so quiet that you are able to do “everything” yourself again, even though you already have the buildings on level 5.

Tip 3

Who do you say “have to” take care of “everything”? …No one

Please note: If the customers at the pump and in the workshop were not served, you will get a negative rating from them!

So you can for example. say you don’t feel like going to the shop (because the constant checking of the individual items, ordering, fetching goods from the truck and putting them on the shelf, annoys you). Then just leave the shop by leaving the shelves empty or removing them. You then only have to hire a cleaner to clean, or clean yourself;)

Furthermore, an employee at the petrol pumps is also quite easy to observe, since you only have to pay attention to the gasoline, which is enough for a while (max each level of the gas station more).

And a worker in the workshop has both advantages and disadvantages! You save “a lot of time” if you don’t have to screw yourself, but you also need enough parts of everything in stock. (It is a bit difficult to see whether they then use up the parts as they are very quickly finished with the cars)

18 Workshop Items

Curiously, there is a bug that will save you a lot of money!

If you have changed a part, try to put it back on the respective shelf, does not “always” work, but about 3 out of 4 or even 4 out of 5 attempts. So that means you save a lot of money;)

Regardless of whether it was the last part on the vehicle or not.

I claim, however, that it only works if there are no other parts of it in the warehouse, otherwise this window will be populated.

Works with:

battery / spark plug / scratch remover / engine oil / coolant Does

not seem to work with:

wheels / mirrors

The text “No more parts in stock” (or similar) appears, but pay attention to your respective shelf, there will still be a part!

PS: If someone works with mirrors or wheels, please report them in the comments below, thank you!

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