Gas Station Simulator – 10 Tips to Getting Rich

A guide on how to get rich (10 tips and tricks) in Gas Station Simulator.

10 Tips to Getting Rich

First of all, it is important to note that there are already a number of tips in the guides! They can be listed here again, if anyone is just curious about this part, don’t miss out!

1. When developing a gas station, it is worth developing the additional buildings immediately!

2. Improve your popularity level! The easiest way to do this is to checkout! No need to hurry, the point is for all customers to leave satisfied! It comes with extra money!

3. Improve your housing estate as soon as possible so that you can hire a new person!

  • -When you only have 1 person worth putting in the workshop!
  • -When you have 2 people, 1 workshop, the other checkout!

For 3 employees, 1 workshop, 1 cleaning, and one checkout!

  • -You don’t necessarily have to apply more than that at once! In the endgame you can keep 16 hours open at idle in a 2/3 split! In this case, the game is a bit more hectic, as your level of popularity is probably high too!
  • -It is important that you do not set them up for research, only if you want to employ everyone, as it is a very fast job, you can also do it while loading and cleaning goods! Cleaning is not their strength, often two people clean the same, so put in a maximum of 1 to clean, it slows down the accumulation of dirt to a minimum! In rush hour when the party faces come you also need to be cleaned! You better put people in the coffers because they won’t win the cleaning!
  • -You should close it at least every 2 days and review how you stand! It’s okay if you close every day at the beginning! In this case, you can refill the stocks without disturbing the customers! If you still keep it open, you don’t need a man in the workshop! With topping up, you can do that because if you lift the car, the guest can’t leave!

4. Order the goods at once (drinks, nasi, tobacco, etc.)! Only 2 transport vehicles can pass gasoline at a time! So if you forgot to buy something, you have to wait until the new shipment arrives and the truck leaves!

5. Don’t panic if you run out of money after ordering! You make more money by selling!

6. Always work on something to get the job done faster, thus helping to exchange customers!

7. Don’t decorate too early unless you just plan to play 40-50 days (in-game)! It costs a lot of money, which you can invest in other developments and orders!

8. If you get it and there is no big shoot, MOW! You’ll earn more money if you don’t make mistakes, so don’t rush! Checkout goes to the best of popularity, and there’s a bonus money paid for every flawless purchase!

9. The product range should be more varied, the more guests buy! Always be on the shelves of profitable products! Examples include tobacco products, newspapers, some alcohol, and discounted products!

10. Do not unload a shelf to which you have not yet ordered goods! The buyer will be dissatisfied and buy fewer products! Put a shelf for a new product if you have already ordered a product! This way the buyer will choose from the other products!

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