Frozenheim – Tips and Tricks (Combat, Exploration, and More)

This guide shows tips and tricks (combat, exploration, and more) for Frozenheim.

Tips and Tricks for Frozenheim

Tips and Tricks for Combat

Order your units to fight enemies double click rmb to force a unit to retreat from the battlefield the unit’s willingness to right can be changed by using the stance buttons.


During exploration. Various structures and enemies may be encountered on the map. Interactions with them can provide perks. Resources. And quests.


Hide your units in the foliage of the forest to let them pass enemies undetected. You can also use cover to prepare an ambush against an approaching enemy and gain leverage in battle.


In order to collect and process resources. Workers have to be assigned to buildings. Workers can be assigned via the building panel or quick menu. Which is accessible via the alt key. The workplace can be changed via the building panel.


Food can be gathered from several sources. Each food production building has pros and cons: the fishermen’s hut can be placed solely on the seashore. The windmill’s production depends on the size of its field. And the orchard’s food production increases over time.


The settlement’s peasant count can be increased over time by constructing houses and increasing happiness. In oroer to increase happiness. The habitants’ needs must be fueled.


Warriors can be recruited in the training hall to train them. The right number of peasants an resources are required.

Elders’ hall

The elders’ hall allows you to invent new technologies related to the selected clan. Each clan unlocks perks which support different branches of research the elders’ hall can be upgraded. Further unlocking new technologies. After reaching the maximum level a secondary clan can be selected with a umited number of technologies available.


In order to unlock blessings. You need to control runestones that are scattered all over the map. The effects of blessings are global and apply to all players.

Resource gathering

Resources can be gathered in the area around the collection banner. Enable area selection mode using the button in the building panel then place a banner near the resource.

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