Frog Detective 2 – New Achievements

Frog Detective 2 doesn’t look like other things you’ve played in the past. As such we don’t have much information on whether or not you might be interested in it.

Introduction to Frog Detective 2

Hello, fellow amphibian gumshoes,

This is a very brief guide to getting 100% in Frog Detective 2, be aware this will take 2 playthroughs on account of the FIBBER and SNITCH achievements.


  • STICKY – Put a sticker on your notebook
  • GROSS – Give Victor (the deer in the tub) the LOST PIE
  • BIG SPENDER – When you have 3 money talk to Carlos (zebra) to buy the picture of Noddy the dog (do this before you give anything to Mary). This will also help fill out your notebook for the EXPERT INVESTIGATOR achievement.
  • SNITCH – Tell the truth
  • FIBBER – Perpetuate a lie
  • EXPERT INVESTIGATOR – Totally complete your notebook, for this, you should exhaust every question with everyone and buy the picture, you may also need to mark someone as suspicious.

You’re well on your way to being better than Lobster Cop!

by dr_byron

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