Forza Horizon 5 – Rewards Guide (Collecting, Credit, Selling, and more)

This is rewards guide (collecting, credit, selling, and more) for Forza Horizon 5.

Rewards Guide

Q: When will the rewards be available?

  • A: Day one! Forza Motorsport 5 reward will come at a later date. Stay tuned for updates.

Q: How do I collect the rewards?

  • A: Once you progress through initial drive and the first Story chapter, you’ll see a notification that the reward cars have been automatically gifted to your garage.  You can then select one from the Change Car menu or head back to your garage and upgrade, tune, and paint them as with any other garage car.  There is no deadline for activating Loyalty Rewards, so you’ll be eligible for them whether you start playing FH5 at launch or in the future.

Q: If I start a previous game after playing FH5, will I get that reward?

  • A: Loyalty Rewards are given based on your history at the time you start playing FH5, so any games played after starting FH5 won’t trigger their respective rewards.  But don’t worry, these cars are the same models available from the Autoshow in every edition and with Xbox Game Pass, so you’ll be able to collect them all from gameplay.

Q: Will I get the reward if I previously played FH4 on Steam and now play on Xbox? (or vice versa)

  • A: The rewards are based on your linked gamertag, so if you played FH4 on Steam, you’ll get the Senna in your FH5 Xbox or Windows gamesave.  And if you previously played Forza on Xbox and now play FH5 on Steam, you’ll get the rewards in your Steam gamesave.

Q: Will I get the Huracán if I played the Xbox 360 version of FH2?

  • A: Yes!

Q: What happens if I reset my gamesave?

  • A: Loyalty Rewards are once-per-gamesave, so if you reset, you’ll receive them again. Just remember – if you reset your gamesave, any other cars you had in your garage won’t be there when you start over.

Q: Can I sell the reward cars in game for credits?

  • A: The cars received from Loyalty Rewards can’t be sold on the Auction House or gifted to others via the Gift Drop feature.  You can still buy duplicates of these models in the Autoshow and later put them up for Auction or Gift Drop.

Q: What about Forza Rewards?

  • A: As we previously announced, the Forza Rewards program is being discontinued and not applicable to Forza Horizon 5.  Note that additional in-game rewards and bonuses are available from FH5 VIP Membership, regardless of past Forza game history.

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