Fortnite: Star Wars Live Event (New Update) – Walkthrough – Guide

Though it is delayed unknown reason, it is released finally. New features are staring for Star Wars and Fortnite fans. This guide will help give a demonstration on new items, new skins of Fortnite: Star Wars Live Event (new update) like walkthrough.

New Weapons


New Stormtrooper Gun:

Locker Emotes

Some modes determine your character way: traitor, laser blast, resistance thumbs up, have a seat, marsh walk, double up.

I.e. : look at that it is a traitor:

Choose Character

In the beginning, you can select your character outfit: Rey, Fınn, Sith Trooper

Also, you can add back fling (with new items) your outfit:

New Map

You drop the map with this Star Wars Tools:

This spacecraft’s voice is like Star Wars Movie:

You can also land in the map with this space-umbrella:

Iron Man Flight:

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