Football Manager 2022 – How to Get Free Real Logos (All Clubs)

A guide on how to get free real club logos (without paying money) in Football Manager 2022.

How to Get Real Logos

How to get real club logos and badges into the gameFootball Manager 2022 is a great game but when it comes to the graphics it can be a bit boring. One way to change that is by installing custom graphics. One type of graphic you can install is real club logos and badges. Not only does it make the game look better it also feels right to see real team logos instead of some made up once that the game use by default.

The first thing you need to do to get badges and logos in game is to download a logo pack. There is a lot of different logo packs available here is links to two web pages that have a lot of them:

Downloading logo packs can be a bit annoying since they are usually huge in file size since they contain thousands of images but with a bit of luck and some patience you will manage to download a logo pack that you like.

After that you need to do small bit of configuration both outside the game and inside FM22, this short less than 3 min video will show you exactly how to do it:

You do not have to pay, you just need to login/register. When you go to a logopack on click the Download Complete Pack link and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Torrent link. Torrent is for file sharing (this is a huge file) and for the torrent to work you need to have an torrent application installer, there is multiple free once just google it.

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