Football Manager 2021 – Best Young Wonderkids Guide by Positions

Here are the best young wonderkids in the game sorted by position in Football Manager 2021.

Best Young Wonderkids Guide by Positions

FM21 best young players for each position

Here are the best young players in Football Manager 2021, the wonderkids. Each position presented by a short video so you can see all their stats and other info. Only players that are 20 years or younger at the start of the game are included.

Every time you start a new save there is a bit of randomization when it comes to youngsters skill and potential so make sure to scout them yourself to see how they look in your save.

There are a lot of promising youngsters in this game and sometimes I had to make very difficult choises. Do you feel like the any of the lists are wrong? Have I missed one of your favourite youngsters? Let me know and share the names of the missing players in comment section below!


Defenders Left Side

Defenders Right Side

Central Defenders

Defensive Midfielders

Central Midfielders

Wingers Left side

Wingers Right side

Central Attacking Midfielders


by Ater

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