Football Manager 2020’s Tips and tricks for a good start

In our guide to Football Manager 2020, we have dedicated a lot of space to tips and tricks for novice players. Among the numerous tips, we have also included information about such important topics as the team report, assigning tasks, the transfer market, and signing contracts. If you find it difficult to manage a club, this chapter can expand your knowledge and help you.


This page in the guide to Football Manager 2020 will teach you, first of all, what formation is best for your team, how to place players and how to give them commands.


While playing FM 20, you will have to visit the transfer market to get new players for your club. After reading this page, you will learn how to negotiate contracts, sell, rent or buy players.


The scouting team constantly looks for potential players and prepares detailed reports on your upcoming opponents. On this page of the FM 20 guide, you will learn which scouts to choose for your club, how to assign tasks to the scouts and how to search the database.


This chapter has all the necessary information that will make it easier for you to manage the club’s funds. If you don’t know how to reduce costs – this chapter is for you.

Match preparation

Playing matches in FM 20 and tracking players’ progress is very exciting. Check how to prepare for a match to maximize your chances of winning.

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