Football Manager 2020’s FAQ

We answer the main questions regarding Football Manager 2020 – is Football Manager 2020 difficult, is it possible to update the rosters and emblems or how to upload photos of soccer players and employees to FM 20.

Is Football Manager 2020 a difficult game?

Yes, FM 20 is a difficult game – especially during your first contact the game. At first, it may be difficult to understand anything from the numerous tables, statistics, graphs and reports. However, over time, you will do everything intuitively. Fortunately, Football Manager 2020 has the option to delegate most of the tasks to the assistants – this is a particularly useful feature for novice players.

Can I update the rosters and logos in Football Manager 2020?

FM 20 doesn’t have the official licenses, but this can be quickly fixed to enjoy real club names, soccer players and real emblems. This isn’t complicated to do – we have described everything in our guide.

Is it possible to upload photos of soccer players and employees to Football Manager 2020?

Yes, FM 20 has the option to install facepacks with images of soccer players and club staff. These packs can be downloaded from the Internet – more information on the dedicated page.

Does Football Manager 2020 have better graphics?

It is hard to expect Football Manager 2020 to have amazing graphics, but the latest game in the series offers much better-looking players and managers models. The stadium crowd also looks better.

Does Football Manager 2020 have a code of conduct?

Yes! In FM 20, you can define a code of conduct – you have the ability to determine penalties for various offenses, for example, for missing training or for receiving a red card.

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