Final Fantasy V Pixel: Remaster – How to Boost FPS

A guide on how to boost (uncapping) FPS in Final Fantasy V Pixel: Remaster.

How to Boost FPS

The File

Link to download

How to Do It Yourself

  1. Get a Hex Editor.
  2. Edit gameassembly.dll in your FF5 game directory.
  3. Search for 33 d2 8d 4a 3c.
  4. Change the 3c value to 00 and save it.


  • You will have uncap fps, use riva tuner or something to limit to whatever you want.
  • 125/200 seems to be good but i can play at even 333 fine in most cases.
  • The higher you go the visuals are more smooth/less juddery but the menu inputs get way to fast
  • Also good idea to set borderless mode if you dont care about vsync (borderless has a ‘soft’ vsync anyway).

Seems like the menu inputs aren’t that fast anymore if you uncap the fps in most places.

by Sephiroth

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