Fifa 2023 – How to Fix Anti-Cheat (Steam and EA)

Struggling with launching FIFA 23 on Steam (EA: Anti cheat error)? System protection error? Preloading or bootstrapping problem? Our troubleshooting guide provides a step-by-step solution to resolve common issues. Follow these proven methods and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Check it out now!

Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Launching FIFA 23 on Steam (Anti-Cheat EA) – A Comprehensive Solution


Hey gamers,

Are you facing difficulties launching FIFA 23 from Steam? You’re not alone! Many players, like yourself, have spent countless hours searching for solutions on support forums and community discussions, only to come up empty-handed. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that will help you overcome these launch issues and get you back into the game.

The Solution

After hours of meticulous testing, tweaking, and trial and error, I’ve finally managed to resolve the launch errors for my own game. Although I can’t pinpoint the exact root cause or the specific solution that worked for me, I’m sharing a list of steps that I followed, hoping they will also work for you.

Step 1: Uninstall FIFA 23 and the EA App

Uninstall FIFA 23 from Steam and remove the EA app from the control panel.

Step 2: Remove Lingering Files

Check the “EA” folder in the Program Files directory (C:\). If it still exists after uninstalling FIFA 23, open the folder, launch the EA Anti-Cheat Installer, uninstall all components, and close the installer. Then delete the entire EA folder from Program Files.

Step 3: Clean the Registry

Search for “regedit” using the Windows search function. Inside the Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE and delete any entries related to EA or FIFA.

Step 4: Fresh Installation

Perform a fresh installation of FIFA 23 from Steam. Avoid using any backup files.

Step 5: Date and Time Synchronization

After the download is complete, ensure your date and time settings are synchronized with real-time and then restart your PC.

Step 6: Disable Real-Time Protection and Firewall

In Windows Security, temporarily disable real-time protection and firewall.

Step 7: Launch the Game and Check Steam

Launch the game from Steam. The EA app will download and install, and the game will attempt to start. If it does start, congratulations! However, if it doesn’t, check if FIFA 23 is still running in the Steam client and stop it.

Step 8: Launch EA Desktop

Open the Program Files directory, navigate to Electronic Arts > EA Desktop, and launch EA Desktop as an administrator (not the one on your desktop). Sign in if prompted and then exit the application. Ensure that the EA app is not running in the system tray.

Step 9: Reinstall EA Anti-Cheat

Go to the drive where you installed FIFA 23: Steam Library > steamapps > common > FIFA 23 > installer > ea anti cheat > ea anti cheat installer. Choose “Uninstall All.” Then, open EA Desktop again from the Program Files directory. With EA Desktop open, run the EA Anti-Cheat Installer once more, select FIFA 23 from the drop-down menu, and choose “Install.” Wait for the installation to complete successfully.

Step 10: Reconfigure Windows Security

At this point, you can turn on real-time protection and firewall in Windows Security. Add two exceptions: (1) C:\Program Files\EA\AC\eaanticheatgameservice.exe and (2) (fifa installation drive):\steamapps\common\fifa 23\eaanticheatgameservicelauncher.exe.

Step 11: Modify the “installscript.vdf” File

Navigate to (fifa installation drive):\steamapps\common\fifa 23 and locate the “installscript.vdf” file. Open it with Notepad and scroll down to the bottom. Under “run process,” look for the line “eaanticheatinstaller.” Remove the first line within the curly brackets. This step addresses a known issue that has caused problems for many players. Save the file and close it. You can replace the content with the provided snippet.

"Run Process"
"HasRunStringKey" "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\link2ea\"
"HasRunStringValue" "URL:EALINK Protocol"
"HasRunStringKey2" "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\link2ea\"
"HasRunStringValue2" "URL:Link2EA Protocol"
"RunType" "1"
"HasRunKey" "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_WOW64_32\SOFTWARE\EA Sports\FIFA 23\EAACInstallSuccesfull\"

Step 12: Restart and Launch the Game

For good measure, restart your PC and launch the game from your Steam library. It should now run smoothly, and the EA Anti-Cheat window should open without any issues.


Please note that while I don’t have an exact explanation for each step, following these instructions in order has proven effective, especially considering the persistent issues with the EA Anti-Cheat app. I sincerely hope this guide helps you overcome the problems you’ve encountered. If it does, don’t hesitate to share this valuable knowledge with fellow gamers. Good luck, and have a blast in FIFA 23!

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