Fifa 20 – Is Diego Carlos Worth Doing The SBC – Guide

Hi everyone. This guide will help on Diego Carlos I bought instead of Longley worth doing the SBC.

Is Diego Carlos a Worth To Buy?

I used Diego Carlos instead of Longley. Diego Carlos is worth doing man I used to use a long way all the time. Take this into consideration. Longley is a French play that plays in Barcelona that gives you the links and he’s a tribal card absolutely 1,000%.

However, Diego Carlos being Brazilian from illegal Santander 460k. You sell your longleaf or 44k whatever cards you get in. You could potentially get like one card that costs like 15k so far it’s been worth it.

Shadow Card

I’m enjoying him so far he’s a very good card on my team. Therefore final verdict on the card I think he’s worth getting. I gave him a shadow card which is obviously very expensive. They’re like 15k but it’s like I said you pay for the card.

It’s essentially 60k. You pay the 15k it ends up being 75 K for the card. But you have to take into consideration that card can potentially get upgrades in the future if you guys haven’t seen the Europa League roundabout or round up or round. Whatever it is you want to call it the round of 16 or the round of 32draw.

They’re gonna be facing CFR ClujCluj. I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that. But it’s a Romanian team so Sevilla has a very good chance of beating that team and progressing this card even further like I said. I really enjoyed using his rare gold card a lot, and this card with a shadow is especially with that plus 15 plus 10 and that defensive stat boosts with physical stats that are already there79 composure 76 agility with 60 bounds so that you can transition nicely six-foot-one high medium-high work rates with a four-star weak foot.

I think this is the first SBC that is genuinely worth doing. I said I packed a really lucky guy then I also sold Longley so I essentially did this card for free to put into my team so that’s pretty much.

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