Fifa 20 – How To Use 84 RTTF Bolasie Card – Achievement

This guide informs you about Bolasie. He is worth it to buy or not? The guide investigates this question with achievement and review.

How To Use 84 RTTF Bolasie Card?

You can use Bolasie as an ST:

Or maybe you can use him as a Left Wing. His power is impressive:

Score with Bolasie is your hand:

Is It Worth It To Use And To Buy?

The final verdict on the card is really fun to use. I really hope that sporting can progress through the Europa League stages because if he gets one card boost he could potentially get a nice little bounce boost. Because that’s what I’m missing on this card if you look at him right from a 10 cam perspective on this card he has a decent bounce at 80.

But 80 balance while having a big talking game physical type player. He gonna be a little more clunky on the ball. Therefore with his card I highly recommend using him a sniper try to get him on 10 chemistry. Because I’m using him on seven right now but you know what on seven chemistry he still feels like more of a useable striker than drawn Felix.

I think the SVC is worth doing this is for sentimental purposes since he is a league Anoushplayer. So I may not have done it but because of the Ligaknowledge, I did the card.

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