Farming Simulator 22 – All Tractors Guide (Price, Fuel, and more)

This show all tractors (fuels, gear shift, tons, size, price, and more as a spreadsheet) in Farming Simulator 22.

ll Tractors Guide

Small TractorsSizeHPGear ShiftFuel LitersKPHTons3PFLFWPTOPricePrice/HP
Zetor Z-25KS25M53202.09,500380
Rigitrac SKE 50 ELECTRICS68CVT80402.9Y49,500728
Landini REX 4-070 GTS70M80402.9YY39,500564
Massey Ferguson MF 3707 ALS75M105403.4Y43,000573
New Holland TK4.80 MethaneS75M80123.6Y57,500767
Zetor MAJOR CLS75M80303.642,500567
Landini REX 4-080 GTS76M80402.9YY42,500559
Zetor PROXIMA HS 80S76M+P190404.6YYY49,500651
Fendt 207 V VarioS79CVT68403.2YY77,000975
Massey Ferguson MF 4708 MS82M+P125403.9YY50,500616
Fendt 208 V VarioS84CVT68403.2YY79,500946
Massey Ferguson MF 3708 ALS85M105403.4Y48,000565
Zetor PROXIMA HS 90S88M+P190404.6YYY55,500631
Landini REX 4-090 GTS90M80402.9YY49,500550
Massey Ferguson MF 4709 MS92M+P125403.9YY55,500603
Fendt 209 V VarioS94CVT68403.2YY84,500899
Iseki TJV 985S95A120403.7Y64,000674
Landini REX 4-100 GTS95M80402.9YY52,000547
Massey Ferguson MF 3709 ALS95M105403.4Y53,000558
Zetor PROXIMA HS 100S96M+P190404.6YYY59,500620
Bührer 6105S100M90253.839,000390
Massey Ferguson MF 4710 MS100M+P125403.9YY59,500595
Landini REX 4-110 GTS102M80402.9YY55,500544
Fendt 210 V VarioS104CVT68403.2YY89,500861
Massey Ferguson MF 5S.105S105CVT200405.4YYY76,500729
Zetor PROXIMA HS 110S107M+P190404.6YYY65,000607
Valtra G Series G105S110CVT200405.1YYY84,000764
Landini REX 4-120 GTS112M80402.9YY60,500540
Fendt 311 VarioS113CVT210405.2YYY107,500951
Fendt 211 V VarioS114CVT68403.2YY94,500829
Fendt 511c FavoritS115M+P210505.7YYY76,000661
Massey Ferguson MF 5S.115S115CVT200405.4YYY81,500709
Zetor FORTERRA HSX 120S117M+P270405.4YYY89,500765
Zetor PROXIMA HS 120S117M+P190404.6YYY70,000598
Valtra G Series G115S120CVT200405.1YYY89,000742
Fendt 312 VarioS123CVT210405.2YYY112,500915
Massey Ferguson MF 5S.125S125CVT200405.4YYY86,500692
New Holland T6.125 SeriesS125CVT250506.3YYY102,000816
Zetor FORTERRA HSX 130S127M+P270405.4YYY94,500744
John Deere 6M Series 6110MS130CVT175405.9YYY109,500842
Valtra G Series G125S130CVT200405.1YYY94,000723
Fendt 313 VarioS133CVT210405.2YYY117,500883
Massey Ferguson MF 5S.135S135CVT200405.4YYY91,500678
STEYR 8150S135M168405.7YY87,500648
Lindnet Lintrac 130S136CVT120504.6YYY105,500776
Zetor FORTERRA HSX 140S136M+P270405.4YYY99,000728
John Deere 6M Series 6120MS140CVT175405.9YYY114,500818
Fendt 314 VarioS142CVT210405.2YYY122,000859
Case IH Maxxum Series CVT 115S145CVT250505.4YYY112,000772
CLAAS ARION 610S145CVT370507.9YYY120,000828
Massey Ferguson MF 5S.145S145CVT200405.4YYY96,500666
Valtra G Series G135S145CVT200405.1YYY101,500700
Fendt 515c FavoritS150M+P210505.7YYY93,500623
Case IH Maxxum Series CVT 125S155CVT250505.4YYY117,000755
New Holland T6.155 SeriesS155CVT250506.3YYY117,000755
CLAAS ARION 630S165CVT370507.9YYY130,000788
Case IH Maxxum Series CVT 135S169CVT250505.4YYY124,000734
Case IH Maxxum Series CVT 145S175CVT250505.4YYY127,000726
New Holland T6.175 SeriesS175CVT250506.3YYY127,000726
CLAAS ARION 650S185CVT370507.9YYY140,000757
CLAAS ARION 660S205CVT370507.9YYY150,000732

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