Farming Simulator 22 – 4 Steps to Get Free Tractor

This shows 4 steps to get free tractor in Farming Simulator 22.

Steps to Get Free Tractor

Step 1: Get a Contract

  • You choose depending on the tractor that comes with it. Don’t buy it. Accept a contract.
  • You want a nice one?
  • Try ploughing or cultivating contracts.
  • You want a trailer for free?
  • Try to get a harvesting contract.
  • You want to get a free weight?
  • Just check out the description of the contract.

Step 2: Never Complete the Contract

  • You wonder why you shouldn’t?
  • If you complete the contract or abort it, your nice free tractor is going away. You don’t want that if you are reading a cheaty guide.

Step 3: …?

  • …? What you can’t do work with it?
  • Ok, let me get this straight: you can do all kinds of transport with the tractor but you can’t use implements.

Step 4: Profit!

  • How can you profit on this?
  • Transport your equipment to your own tractor? Check.
  • Transport grain, potatoes, chaff or products to a selling station? Check.
  • Transport pallets on a trailer so you don’t have to drive your sprayer to the shop? Check.
  • Transport a weight that came with the contract around the island to save your own fuel because diesel is oh so expensive in the game and you don’t want to repair your own vehicles while you search for hidden objects? Check.

by cuteduck

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