Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC – The Elusive Crane Walkthrough (Treasure, Roper)

Walkthrough of Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC on The Elusive Crane (how to find treasure, how to deal with Roper, How to Kill Crane).

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The Elusive Crane Walkthrough

Kill Crane

  • Follow Duchess
  • Go into room
  • Kill Crane

You will get: RobCo Experimental Cache Keycard – Crane’s Map.

Talk with Duchess and find Crane’s treasure.

Crane’s Treasure

Interact with Jide.

Go to marked location:

Go into mine.

Kill creatures here: Diseased and Glowing Mole Rat

Open the Cache Door

Destroy machine gun turrets before entering the cache door. However, you will receive error code when entering attempt:

  • System Voice: Error. Pip-Boy registration required. Please report to main office.

Go back and close the door. See in corridor this door and unlock the door:

Tips: Direction must be like image above.

Enter the control room and take the key:

The sign in front of you appears to indicate how to enter the cache:

  1. Register your Pip-Boy with the terminal in this room.
  2. Stand inside the circle in front of the cache door.
  3. Stride inside!

See in control room and enter:

And then go back to the control room and use the computer.

Password: Foot-Guns-Meet

Click on Pip Boy.

Go back the cache door and open it:

  • System Voice: Valid Pip-Boy detected. Access granted. Welcome, prospective RobCo customer!

Loot the Cache

Reach to the room having coin slots.

Go to coin slot rifle and activate it:

  • Inserting your token into this slot will issue a Rifle. Do you wish to insert the token?
    • Insert token

Speak to Duchess (Roper)

Go into bar and interact with Roper.

Up stairs and speak to Duchess.


  • Plan: Bow
  • Duchess’s Dra
  • Vodka
  • Stimpak
  • RadAway

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