Fall Guys – How to Win Fall Mountains (Constantly)

A guide on how to win fall mountains (constantly) in Fall Guys.

How to Win Fall Mountains (Constantly)

This guide teaches the safest route in Fall Mountain for you to earn your first crown!

Fall Mountains Winners Guide

The Route

The route is simple and easy to follow. Start at the middle then work your way to the right, hugging the wall with a triangle shape on top of it. Keep yourself behind the diamond shapes so the balls can’t hit you.

Reaching the top, hug to the far right where it is hard for the hammer to hit you. Quickly jump up the platforms and win your first crown!

Things to Note

Jumping at the start

Jumping at the start ensures that you won’t fall down when you get off the starting platform. Make sure you aren’t touching any players when you jump as that could easily cause you to fall.

The crown will most likely be high up for early players

This means that if you couldn’t catch up, you will still have a chance at grabbing the crown. Don’t rage quit and try to make your way up!

Grab the crown

Press R2, RT, or Mouse 1 when you jump to grab the crown. Don’t miss your first crown just from not grabbing!

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