Fall Guys – How to Limit or Unlimit FPS (Best Settings)

A guide on how to limit or unlimit  fps (best settings) in Fall Guys.

How to Limit or Unlimit FPS (Best Settings)

Uncap FPS

  • Start by go to Nvidia Control Panel. 
  • Go to Program Settings and add Fall Guys to your program list if you have not already.
  • Scroll down until you find Vertical Sync and turn it off and press apply.
  • Start the game and go into graphic settings and turn off v-sync.

Enjoy uncapped FPS!

How to Limit FPS

If you are uncaping fps you can get too much fps ingame which can make your graphics card make a sound (coil whine), your GPU draws as much power as it can to produce as many FPS as possible. By limiting the frame rate, you’re limiting the power draw – thus reducing coil whine.

To limit the fps download Nvidia Profile Inspector. Open the program. On “Profiles” Type the name of the game to cap. In the “Frame Rate Limiter” section clock on the “Off” option. Click on the arrow and select the frame rate that you want. I have mine at 200 fps. Press apply changes and you are done.

by Hekz

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