Fall Guys – How to Get You Up to Snuff on Every Single One and General Tips

A guide on how to get you up to snuff on every single one and general tips for Fall Guys.

Guide and Tips

Hi everyone.
Since we’ve all been playing what seems to be the most surprising hit of the summer, you might as well brush up on some tips and tricks to help you increase the chances of winning.

Here’s the cold hard truth everyone. There are no guides or secrets that will propel you into winning 100% of the time. In fact, winning even 30% of your games is a supreme achievement. The truth is, and therein perhaps why the game is so fun, is that FallGuys is designed to be full of RNG.

The trick is to find consistency in the madness, and limit the amount of variability in your approach. So, if you don’t end up winning every time, don’t get downhearted – these tips will help you climb through the ranks, and increase your chances of getting that Crown!

This guide will be split into two sections. Firstly, some general tips that apply to all maps and scenarios. Second, we’ll go through some of the game modes, and discuss how to get you up to snuff on every single one.

Right, let’s get started.

General Tips

Momentum and you: timing your jumps
Remember what I said about minimizing RNG? This is what I’m talking about. Your Fall guy is a stumpy little fellow with small stumpy legs and a rotund belly. The poor little guy can’t get much of a break, and what’s worth, the physX engine will use what momentum you already have, and apply it to your jump. There is, however, a little cheat you can apply. If you jump (A), then do a dive (X) in a different direction, you can gain some elevation, and change the direction of your jump.

Utilizing shortcuts: is it worth it? Short answer: no but yes.
Short cuts in Fall Guys aren’t always the fast way to #1 that you’d hope. Depending on your timing, or the sheer mass of bodies being crammed through space, it may actually be more time for you to just take the longer route. The rotating fan on Dizzy Heights is the most evident example of this. While you may think it provides you with time off your run, you’re more likely to get catapulted off and flung down to a watery end. Taking the two other options will invariably

Press X to Doubt (your little legs)
Similarly, to jumping, the dive is an important trait that is easily underutilized. The most obvious use is to go for that photo-finish moment as you outpace rivals across the finish line.

More practically, dives can be used to jump over hordes of crowds to get an advantage in levels like Door Dash, or even to quickly move away from keen competitors trying to ruining your day. Try jumping and diving as a combination to get ahead. In games such as Fall Ball and Rock ‘N’ Roll, the dive method is terrific for knocking the giant football around and scoring those crucial points.

Team up and tear down
Many hands make light work. For better or worse, there are more than half a dozen team games in Fall Guys, in which you will be separated into different groups by color and forced to work together to progress. As tempting as it can be to lone wolf the experience, it’s much smarter to work in packs and coordinate together for this level, before inevitably betraying one another in the following round.

How to Get You Up to Snuff on Every Single One

  • Dizzy Heights
  • Hit Parade
  • See Saw
  • Door Dash
  • Gatecrash
  • Tip Toe
  • The Whirlygig
  • Slime Climb
  • Fruit Chute
  • Jump Club
  • Roll Out
  • Block Party
  • Perfect Match
  • Tail Tag
  • Egg Scramble
  • Rock’n’ Roll
  • Fall
  • Tail Tac
  • Jinxed
  • Hoopsie
  • Daisy
  • Hoarders
  • Fall Mountain
  • Hex-A-Gone
  • Royal Fumble
  • Jump Showdown

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