Fall Guys – All Rewards (Season 1 13/08/2020 – 06/10/2020) and Point System

This guide will help you on all rewards (season 1 13/08/2020 – 06/10/2020) and point system in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys – All Rewards

In this guide you can find all the information according the rewards you can earn in Fall Guys. The first season of Fall Guys takes 60 days. This means that fans have until October 6th to grab all the Season One rewards. Once this season ends you might not be able to earn the rewards in other seasons.

There is a total of 40 levels in Fall Guys Season One. By playing games and gaining fame players can scale up their fame level. Every player starts with fame level 1. Rewards begin from Fame Level 2. The following rewards can be earned during season 1:

2160160500 KudosCurrencyN/A
58002301 CrownCurrencyN/A
61,070270PigeonLower CostumeCommon
81,680320Squiggly CamoPatternUncommon
92,000320PigeonUpper CostumeCommon
102,3803801000 KudosCurrencyN/A
133,650450RookieLower CostumeUncommon
144,1004501500 KudosCurrencyN/A
154,600500Citrus BlastColourRare
165,100500RookieUpper CostumeUncommon
186,2005502500 KudosCurrencyN/A
196,800600Hot DogUpper CostumeRare
207,4006001 CrownCurrencyN/A
228,700700Hot DogLower CostumeRare
239,4007003500 KudosCurrencyN/A
2410,100700Rainbow WaterColourRare
2510,800700ChickenLower CostumeRare
2611,600800Paint DippedPatternEpic
2712,400800Night SkyColourRare
2813,200800ChickenUpper CostumeRare
2914,0008004500 KudosCurrencyN/A
3014,800800Pirate JigEmoteUncommon
3217,0001,2001 CrownCurrencyN/A
3318,4001,400HunterLower CostumeEpic
3420,0001,600Ocean DreamsColourRare
3521,8001,800Baby BlueFaceplateUncommon
3623,8002,000HunterUpper CostumeEpic
3726,0002,200Zebra StripesPatternRare
3828,5002,5006000 KudosCurrencyN/A
4035,0003,500Jack in a BoxCelebrationEpic


  • 3 Crowns
  • 19,500 Kudos
  • 3 Outfits (uppers and lowers)
  • 7 Patterns
  • 7 Colors
  • 2 Emotes
  • 2 Faceplates
  • 1 Celebration

Point System

Now, how do we earn fame in Fall Guys? The following information will explain how the point system and distribution work in Fall Guys. So, how can you maximize the amount of fame and kudos you earn each round?

The point system may be different in following seasons.

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