Factorio (Version 1.0) – What is the New

This guide shows what the new is in Factorio (Version 1.0).

What is the New

  • spidertron
  • new blueprint library
  • copy paste functionality
  • upgrade planners
  • blueprint building in map mode
  • Lots of new visuals and sounds

They added a new turret/wagon called artillery that is a very long range weapon that targets and destroys spawners and worms (but does nothing to normal enemies).

The belts now function with a proper throughput of 15, 30 and 45 instead of the weird number they used before.

Quite a few of mid and late game recipes and technologies changed (this include oil refining, the first recipe only produces petroleum gas and only the advanced recipe produces all 3 types).

The hotbar at the bottom is no longer an extention of the inventory so things changed a bit on how to use it.

The UI changed, quality of life functions were added, a lot of items and entities got a new look and/or sound, the overall performances were increased as well.

So a lot of polishing but not really much in terms of new content.

Version 1.0.0


  • Added Spidertron and Spidertron remote.
  • Added Freeplay crash site.


  • Added polluted water visual effect.
  • Added biter base decoratives.
  • New visual effects for the atomic bomb.


  • Significantly reduced the volume of robots deconstructing and entity destroyed alert.
  • Reverted mining drill sound to the 0.17 version with high pitched part removed.
  • Reverted inserter, furnace and assembling machine sounds to the 0.17 version.
  • Changed the checkbox click sound (based on dropdown open sound).
  • Changed the “green button sound” to have a normal button sound.


  • Added EnemySpawnerPrototype and TurretPrototype properties: spawn_decoration and spawn_decoration_on_expansion.
  • EntityPrototype water_reflection can now be defined inside graphics_set.
  • Added ExplosionPrototype properties: Explosion prototype: scale_animation_speed, fade_in_duration, fade_out_duration, scale_in_duration, scale_out_duration, scale_end, scale_increment_per_tick, scale_initial, scale_initial_deviation, scale, and scale_deviation.
  • ParticleSourcePrototype particle is now optional, added smoke property.
  • Added ProjectilePrototype properties: speed_modifier and turning_speed_increases_exponentially_with_projectile_speed.
  • Added LightDefinitionItem::source_orientation_offset.
  • Added DecorativePrototype::decal_overdraw_priority.
  • Added AreaTriggerItem::show_in_tooltip.
  • Added ‘set-tile’ and ‘camera-effect’ trigger effects.
  • Added CreateDecorativesTriggerEffectItem properties: apply_projection and spread_evenly.
  • Added CreateExplosionTriggerEffectItem properties: max_movement_distance, inherit_movement_distance_from_projectile and cycle_while_moving.
  • Added DamageTriggerEffectItem properties: vaporize, lower_distance_threshold, upper_distance_threshold, lower_damage_modifier and upper_damage_modifier.
  • Added PlaySoundTriggerEffectItem properties: min_distance, max_distance, volume_modifier, audible_distance_modifier and play_on_target_position.
  • Added ProjectileAttackParameters::projectile_orientation_offset.
  • Added build_blueprint_small, build_blueprint_medium and build_blueprint_large to utility sounds.
  • Renamed build_big utility sound to build_large.


  • Added LuaEntity::autopilot_destination, vehicle_automatic_targeting_parameters and time_to_next_effect read/write.
  • Added LuaItemStack::connected_entity read/write.
  • Added LuaEntity::is_entity_with_force, is_entity_with_owner and is_entity_with_health read.
  • Added LuaEntity::spawn_decorations().
  • Added on_cutscene_cancelled, on_player_configured_spider_remote and on_player_used_spider_remote events.
  • Added optional spawn_decorations parameter to LuaGameScript::create_entity.

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