F1 2021 – How to Recover Save File (Create New)

A guide on how to recover save file (create new) in F1 2021.

How to Recover Save File (Create New)

Is there anyway to recover a file when you hit “Create new game” Or am I completely screwed?

Step 1

If on PC, go to T:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\135961101\1134570\remote (that’s mine) and inside the 1134570 Folder, there will be a ”Corrupt Saves” ZIP, in there, just get those files and drag them into the 1134570 Folder and overwrite.

Step 2

Delete all of the crash_dump files, copy and overwrite the files inside the corrupt_saves zip folder into the remote folder and then delete the corrupt_saves” and ”I got to the same error screen were it said would you like to send the game file to the developers and I would always say yes then try to recover the file which was unsuccessful and then cancel and repeat. However the one time I select No when asked if I would like to send my game file to the developers and then try to recover it worked.

by Tom97HD

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