F1 2020 – How to Fix 1008:H Error

A guide on how to fix 1008:H error in F1 2020.

How to Fix 1008:H Error

This Guide serves to fix possible Solutions for Online Service ERROR 1008:H and other Errors of this type.

I hope he can help you with your problem, it is my personal experience because I have the same mistake.

In my Case

The error is caused by the router in my case. By that I do not mean the Fritzbox or similar but that of the Internet provider. According to the forum, the problem should have existed for a long time and there should also be no solution from the manufacturer.
Hopefully the Codemasters improved at the point because F1 2019 worked without problems with the current router.


With the following link you can test the server connection without having to start the game.
Source is the Codemaster’s F1 2019 & 2020 forum.

Windows 10 Settings

What you can try:

General / Allgemein

  • Check if Windows and your graphics card driver are up to date.
  • Schau nach ob Windows und dein Grafikkartentreiber auf dem neuesten stand sind.

Firewall and Antivirus

  • Turn off the firewall and antivirus.
  • Schalte die Firewall und das Antivierenprogramm aus.
  • Check in the firewall and antivirus settings whether F1 2020 is supported.

Router Settings


Virtual Private Network

Another option that should work for ALL is to run your internet connection via VPN server.

Simply search for a VPN tool / VPN provider of your choice on your internet browser and connect to it.

by Micha

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