F1 2020 – Advanced Multiplayer Guide

A advanced multiplayer guide will help you while gaming F1 2020.

Advanced Multiplayer Guide

This guide will help you in F1 Online Racing! It helps you get through an online race smarter and may not get shot down by dirty drivers.

General Tips

Multiplayer in F1 minimally sucks as we know. Playing at public servers with random players is terrible. You can just get bumped at turn 1 and get a penalty for it. But if you will revenge that will be worse. If you get bumped never revenge for it! If you revenge you will be one of the players who bumps everyone. I think the best way to play multiplayer is to be safe when you are trying overtake someone.

Defend Position

Defending position on track is very hard. That’s a helpful list of things which can help you with it:

  1. Never move under braking. First brake and then you can turn and defend position. Never move at braking!
  2. If you see you are loosing the position don’t push or bump your rival. Just give him the postion and then focus on pursuing him.
  3. This is only game! One time you win and second time you can lose remeber!


If you are going to overtake don’t copy the line of the rival. You have the other speed, car and position! Try to find your line and chase him at straight line. Slow in Fast out is generally the most important tip to drive fast.

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