Expeditions: Rome – How to Get Extra Attack (After Killing Enemy)

A guide on how to get extra attack (after killing enemy) in Expeditions: Rome.

How to Get Extra Attack (After Killing Enemy)

Sometimes you get additional attack after killing enemy and sometimes you don’t. Why its happens? This guide explains.

If you kill militia type enemies, you get another attack. They usually have a ‘pawn’ symbol like from chess next to their health.

So far we have:

  • Leaders (gold wreath around their class, can be any class i believe).
  • Shield/strong enemies (circle symbol, like a shield).
  • Archers (bow and arrow symbol).
  • Veles/assasins (sword/dagger symbol).
  • Alchemist (potion symbol).
  • Staff/spear enemies (weird symbol, small circle with a line coming out of it).
  • And finally, the militia, with the pawn symbol (class that will give you an extra attack).

Important note: It not just the “pawn” symbol. It the symbol above it as well because there are untrained enemy variants of other classes as well.

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